Monday, April 23, 2012

Friends and festivities

Happy Birthday to Angele! I didn't get to sing to her all the Sloan birthday songs...not sure she would want to hear all 5 or is it 6 of them? Angele is a dear sister in the LORD. I love her sweet servant heart and faithful training of the CURE Nurses. It was so much fun sharing her birthday with the Negrini family.....a real Swiss Fondue!!

Saturday night there was a knock at the door and who was there? Amadou and Rhamahou (Rose) his dear wife of three weeks. Amadou lost his first wife to malaria in the summer of 2010 just as the CURE Hospital was beginning to train nurses. He has a young son of about 3 years old. Amadou now works in the Anesthesia department and is such a hard worker. His sweet new wife is a teacher of young children. She is beautiful and a great comfort and friend to Amadou. She is excited to be a mother too. Please pray for this dear young couple that they know the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE ETERNAL. They are so precious and caring. I'd like to spend eternity with them. It is a great honor for me to have them come to my guest house and visit me on their day off. As I always say......It is about the relationships!!
A day is coming when people will sing,
Give thanks to the LORD! Call for Him to help you! 
Tell all the nations what He has done!
Tell them how great He is!
 Sing to the LORD because of the great things He has done.
Let the whole world hear the news.   (Isaiah 12:4&5)

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