Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's all about relationships!

Don't smile!

Tuesdays are consultation days so we get to see lots of kiddos who potentially will come to CURE. It is always exciting if there is something we can offer to heal their problems. We always offer spiritual and social service advice as appropriate. The spiritual team always circulates and prays and talks with the patients and caregivers.
Made you do it! Such a sweet young boy!

Grandma with Nurse Louise's baby Savannah...she immediately held out her arms for me to hold her :)

Lunch time with the team who worked the Tuesday morning consultations

Two more of the nurses who worked with the outpatients...all tired out. It was a big and busy morning!

Louise and her treasure, precious

 Sodogas, the physical therapist and a little patient learning to mobilize postoperatively. 

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