Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Bye Dusty!

Today was a very sad day. Our dear Dusty died. We are not exactly sure, but he most likely perforated his bowel, which is apparently not uncommon in toy poodles.  Dusty came to our family as an answer to prayer many years ago. When we moved to Kentucky, the children wanted a dog. Paul and I were reluctant as it is usually the parents mother who gets to take care of the dog while everyone is at work. When we felt Mark, Anne and Marie could all help in some way, we began to look around. We went to a kennel after deciding we like the toy poodle shedding etc. The cost was so high so we said,
"Let's pray about this" (Parent-speak for let's hope the kids forget about this for a bit). Ok, I did pray that we could find a cute dog for the right price.  One of the teachers at our kids school had Dusty and was going to take him to a shelter. There was a child in the home with many allergies and the doctor suggested getting rid of some of the pets. Dusty was the last acquisition so the first to go. Dusty came to us pretty well trained. He was just over a year old. Immediately, he won our hearts over with his cuddly ways. He seemed so grateful to have a home. Dusty quickly went from his kennel in the basement to the kitchen and yes, our beds....he could never get enough loving!
As the years went by, Dusty showed his personality....he was a Rottweiler trapped in a small dog body! Dusty was very protective of our home and me, personally! He did not appreciate any other animals stepping a foot on his property.
Dusty was pretty famous around here for his dancing. He loved to be a part of our BSF prayer meetings...putting in his doggy AMENS!
Dusty always knew who needed him on their lap....sometimes people didn't realize it until he was snuggled up close and they couldn't resist his charm.
Dusty had a habit of throwing around his ten pounds for all they were worth! When Mark and Shannon's dog Cabela came to visit, Dusty was very bossy! Cabela's 90 pounds were nothing for Dusty. He would bar Cabela from coming close to the kitchen or table. Even at Cabela's home, Dusty tried to be the ruler....quite an intimidating character.
As time went on, Dusty was always a part of every family dinner and gathering....wherever that or next door....or at the Glancy's. When Nancy lived in Lexington, Dusty would be so happy to visit her house and boss her cats around. He even liked their cat food :) Sarah's cat, Emma would even tolerate him.....Dusty was a closet cat lover!
Poor old Dusty! He got too old for the kennels when we went away. He had to be cared for in our home. We were so grateful for all the times Ruth and David looked after Dusty! Rebecca, Rachel, Naomi, Anne, Marie, Mark, Keith, Snagglefoot walkers, Joann Anderson, David Endean and I am sure so many others helped look after him. Thank you!
Thank you to Paul who faithfully walked Dusty in the evenings and when I was away on my mission journeys. Thank you for all the ways that Paul provided for Dusty's needs.
Thank you to the Lord for creating animals for our enjoyment. There are so many lessons to be learned from these faithful friends. Dusty was always a great comfort. I believe that we took care of Dusty to the best of our ability yet, there was nothing we could do to stop this process of dying.
Sadly, this morning around 11:30 am Dusty died. He was in excruciating agony. It was so sad.

Monday of Holy Week......a loss, a suffering at a pet level is but a shadow of the separation and suffering that Christ experienced on my behalf so that I might have eternal life. Thank you for this reminder, Lord!
I do not want to trivialize the loss to our family but God was so good to allow this to happen before my next mission journey. We needed special care for Dusty and a dear young fellow offered to care for him as a service to me but especially to the Lord. His name is Dawson Fields.....I am so grateful for his willingness in my hour of need. May you be rewarded for your willingness. So many family members wanted but couldn't help at this time and the Lord was taking care of every detail.
Dusty will be sorely missed....especially when Paul is on late call or weekend duty.
Family photo Christmas 2010

Dusty with Caleb in the background..showing off his coat that Ruth knit for him.

Dusty in his Christmas Santa outfit....never could get a picture of him dancing with it on!

Dusty in February, taken by Joann Anderson who was looking after him while I was in Egypt....last photo of him.
We have lots of fun and happy memories. These pets are a gift from above! We are grateful for the years we enjoyed him!


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  1. Sorry for your loss, Maureen and family. :( He was so cute!