Friday, April 20, 2012

Prayers, Presence and Smiles

Everyday I try to round with the Spiritual Life Directors and we pray for each patient in many different languages. Each day with  God's help, I am able to pray more comfortably in French....I know the Holy Spirit understands and translates my poor grammar before the Throne of Grace.

Grateful patient returning for follow-up visit!

Pastor Josh, Grateful Patient, Nurse Amadou and me :) Being together is always a joy!

Children sitting on a woven mat outside the Hostel. We visit these patients everyday and share smiles, handshakes, stories, etc. Sometimes the patients' caregivers have physical and spiritual needs that we can help with....sometimes it is as simple as a cup of tea!

Big joke to have me with the children on the mat!
Every Mama likes to have her picture with their little ones!


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