Friday, July 30, 2010

GO Team Update...

Rick is ready for a big day at the hospital!
Lauren and Kathryn playing and praying for the dear little ones!
One of the Mamas with their little one who has hydrocephalus
What a team! Megan, Anna, Casie, Samantha and Lauren--all smiles...having the time of their lives...for God's glory!
Megan, Anna and Mandi enjoying morning chai! (Tea time)
Our GO Team has been busy today doing what is most important in Uganda....being with people....visiting mothers and children. Rick, Megan and Kathryn Lean spent some time in the Lab this morning. Zephaniah was so kind to explain the tests, equipment etc. Kathryn Hall and Mandi enjoyed being with the Pastoral team visiting and praying with the mothers and babies. Some of the team stayed with a grieving mother until family arrangements were made. Anna, Casie, Samantha and Lauren were busy with all sorts of things in preparation for Mbarara. Everyone, under Casie's direction, practiced Bible story telling....I think we are ready and excited for next week.
Please pray for safety as we travel to Mbarara.
Pray that many would turn to Christ as their Savior and Friend.
Pray that the mothers/caregivers would be inspired, empowered and encouraged and we spend time together next week.
Pray that we would continue to work together in unity! We are such a fun team together. It is such a privilege to work with these special team members. I feel your prayers! You are doing the important work...praying! Thank you so much! Keep praying for all the GO Teams that are serving with CURE International, please.
We are learning and experiencing so much!!!
We appreciate you all so much.


  1. Thanks for the updates! What a blessing to see all of your smiling faces (especially yours, Mandi). Know that we are praying for God to work in a mighty way in all of your lives.

  2. Love these posts! Just came back from praying with Diana, Sarah, Wanda and Amy. Your prayer requests above, are exactly what we have prayed, and this post wasn't published yet for us to see! Awesome. God is good and shows His power to have moved our hearts to pray this way. To God be the glory!

  3. Love seeing pictures of all the wonderful work going on there. I am so proud of my wife, Samantha, and the rest of the group working there. Many prayers are going up from this side of the world for great works and safe travels.