Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogging from an iPod

As I pack and prepare for Niger, it seems wise for me to see if this will actually work. Is it possible to send a blog from this dear little gizmo? Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop or other portable devise to send you all the tales, trials and daily adventures. This iPod is so much smaller, lighter and less conspicuous. The only thing is that I cannot send pictures from it....unless I download to computer then iPod. Sounds a bit complicated for Grandma. I'll be missing those dear 'techies' the Lord has put in my life...Ruth,Mark,Sam...!
Please be praying for me...all my dear GO Team people from the summer know how to pray for me. I really need Mandi to help organize my packing! Some how, some God's grace I'll be on the plane Wednesday around noon!

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