Friday, October 22, 2010

Big week in Niamey!

So sorry for not blogging this week. It has been an abundant one! Since so much has happened I think I'd better give you the high and low lights while we have electricity and Internet...
*Grand Opening of CURE Hospital for Children of Niger
*Meeting dignitaries from Niger Government
*Being asked to be Facebook friends with the Minister of Communications
*Enjoyed Tea with Scott and Sally Harrison and the CURE Board delegation
*Discussed nursing issues with Sir Christopher Levy MDCM
*Invited to CURE reception at Grand Hotel
*Ate dinner with two dear brothers in Christ from Switzerland who have labored for many years for the Evangelical Leprosy Mission
*Another dinner partner was a hospital director of a Leprosy hospital
*Met an amazing family from Colorado who graciously donated the funds to build the CURE Hospital
*Worked alongside nurses at the clinic seeing cases that would break your heart knowing all I could give them was Jesus' and I guess that is all we truly need
*Saw hopeless and disappointed faces on those we could not provide surgical/medical care
*Lectured the rest of the week in French with minimal help from translator
*Nearly pulled my hair out with trying to make nursing schedule
*Went to craft Market with guesthouse mates Don and Alex
*Enjoyed wise counsel from Andy Group from CURE HQ
*Sadly said goodbye to the above named men who returned to the USA after serving at hospital for many weeks! Before they left they treated Linda and me to an elegant dinner at Le Pillier a nice French Restaurant in Niamey
*Joyfully welcomed Linda Coordinator of the World Clubfoot Program. She is Aussie so I feel right at home....we speak the same English and enjoy a cup together
*Experienced dehydration and drank a liter of Gaterade, a first for me
*Danced for joy when nursing schedule was presented and accepted by management and staff
*Received so many answers to prayer I know God is alive and I give Him honor and thanks for being so compassionate and kind to me
*Inspite of power outages and water cuts...I am grateful for the comforts of communication and hilarious moment was the faucet coming off into my hand on the morning of the Grand Opening! You have to have a good sense of humor to enjoy overseas travel!
*Feeling fidgety tonight as work complete until Monday...what to do on a Friday might in Niamey...anyone want to rent a camel (dromedary) with me and cruise the streets?
Looking forward to Sunday and worshipping togethr with dear brothers and sisters on French and maybe some other languages too...what a picture of heaven to see some from many of the tribal groups praising the Lord altogether!!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great blog to catch us all up on your week. David and I pray for you every day. Love Ruth