Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday in Niamey, Niger Warm Worship

What a funny blog experience! I wrote a long blog about today's church experience, then my iPod wouldn't post it due to some cyberspace mumbo jumbo. Thankfully, Alex and Don have kindly let me use their laptop for a bit. Today's worship experience was awesome and a taste of heaven. There were some from many tribes and languages worshiping together. There were some who looked like Lawrence of Arabia, some with Niger traditional costumes, others were wearing some interesting western clothing that could have come from Old Navy or Macy's. Although, I did not understand the words, or even the dances they performed, the pastor who spoke French explained that they were praising the Lord Jesus their Savior.  It is delightful to know that God knows their language....and part of redemption of this world is the ability to communicate and bring understanding of one God, Creator and Savior. The time together was precious...warm fellowship. Speaking of warm fellowship, it was 104 in the shade and probably hotter when we went shopping for some groceries after church. It couldn't have been more than half a mile to walk but it felt like an oven. Thankfully I like the heat!
Please don't feel sorry for me. It is a wonderful experience to be in another African nation. I love the work I am challenging as it is! The Lord is faithful and I am ever thankful for all His tender mercies. The Christians here are so hospitable. God is good!

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  1. Finally had time to come and check for posts; life gets too busy sometimes. I am thankful for your safe arrival and chance to worship in ways I may only dream of. What a blessing to be able to pray for you and get feedback to what you are doing. GOD allowed technology to progress so far possibly for this very reason. And the real miracle is that ordinary people like you and me get to use something so far beyond our understanding. We serve a mighty GOD. I pray for your safty, influence, strength, wisdom and most of all that GOD will fill you with LOVE, His LOVE which is so much more than we are capable of. love and prayers charlotte