Saturday, October 16, 2010

Power Shortages?

Have not blogged for a couple of days as Niamey has experienced some major power outages. There has been a problem with the supply which comes from Nigeria. When the electricity is out the water system also fails. Sounds pretty uncomfortable, eh? (like my Canadianism?) What I learned from the past couple of days is:
1. I am dependant on electricity to live.
2. These inconveniences are minimal compared to what the people of Niger live with daily.
3. Without giving Satan more power than he has, I expect these disruptions are temptations to be discouraged and obstacles to the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the CURE Children's hospital plans it's Grand Opening on Monday.
3. I must be more concerned about God's glory than my comfort level.
4. God takes care of me whether I am in the USA or here.
Truly the Lord has given me deep abiding peace and joy as I serve Him here.
It is wonderful to be a small part of a big effort to bring healing to bodies and hearts of patients and their caregivers.
As temperatures drop to the 90's we are grateful.
As the water pressure increases for toilets,laundry and cooking we are grateful.
More than electricity or drinking water, I need no interruptions in the supply of spiritual energy that comes from the Holy Spirit through prayer, Bible study and fellowship with God's people. There is never a reason for a short supply!


  1. Do you have enough batteries for your little lantern?

  2. Thank you Kathryn for the lantern which has been a lifeline for bedtime reading and paperwork some evenings. I wisely came with a good supply of batteries. This lantern is worth its weight in gold!