Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's training session with French

What an exciting day! Those of who know me well, know that teaching floats my boat! It is such a joy to share life with students. Today we discussed what are the important distinctions of CURE nurses. I shared with these dear nurses what character, perspective and values are desirable in giving care at a CURE hospital. We had a great discussion with Christian and Moslem nurses all together. Later I did some demonstrations for IM injections and sterile dressing technique. It was amazing that the Lord helped me with my French. Originally,the plan was to teach via a translator but I started in French and used Angelique (translator)only a back up. The nurses appreciated my efforts. It was a real answer to prayer. Tomorrow I will demonstate the procedure on a patient. These dear nurses want to learn and do the right thing, in the right way.....oh that we would have the same attitude in obeying the Lord! I wish that my GO Team was here with me! We had a great bunch or nursing students. I could use a software program....or Mandi to help us with the scheduling of nursing staff. It is a skill I never had to use very much. So now the teaching for today is over. I walked home between two storms...dust and rain. Oh, boy it is quite something to see the sand/dirt fly about...along with the black plastic bags which are a curse on the environment!
What a great day! What an exciting day! What great opportunity to share my faith in God, in Jesus. The nurses are interested to know what makes this a Christian hospital and how is it different to any other. Teaching is exhausting, fulfilling and so delightful. We have much to think about until the next time the nurses have their 'formation' that is the French word for training. May I continually be in 'formation' as a daughter and servant of my Heavenly Father.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I pray that God will give you divine appointments and that you will recognize any moment that is an open door for someone to be taught. Sometimes I look back and think I should have said this or done that. So that you will not experience any such thoughts I ask that God give you discernment and promptings from the Holy Spirit so that you will have the words or actions to fill any need you see. You hold truths in your mind and heart that once spoken will bring freedom to the hearer. I pray that the Lord will cause chains to fall every time you open your mouth in one of these situations. May you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and be a blessing to all you meet. I know the Lord will help you in every difficult thing you face. love and prayers charlotte