Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday in OR

Today it started out looking cloudy. There was a hint of rain which is always a blessing. Before the rain began to pour we had a huge dust storm. I felt like I was watching a snow storm and stranded evev to go the several yards to the hospital complex. I waited it out and several minutes later all was calm and I could slither over. I missed staff devotions this morning as the two doctors and I were sorting out a few things for the first case. We had a great time of prayer together which put everything in perspective for the day ahead. Prayer is like that isn't it?As we talk to our Heavenly Father and listen to the Holy Spirit's leading we can step out confidently to do the work He has given us! Although, I have little OR experience, I scrubbed as the circulating nurse. I learned and taught disinfection of surgical instruments and autoclaving! Wow teacher and learner and I'd better be humble about it as I am trying to get up to speed. My McGill nursing training has come in good stead! The exciting day continued for the CURE staff in Niamey, Niger. After the morning case to release the tendons bilaterally for a little girl with club feet, we had a special visitor from the government. There was great joy on everyone's faces as they saw the wonderful facilities. Please continue to pray for the commuminty to understand that the hospital is taking children born with certain disabilites like cleft palates, burn contracture and of course club feet. It will take time. It is always sad for me to see patients turned away but we do not have the resources or expertise to care for these problems. Praise the Lord we can pray for these dear ones and give them hope in a God who loves, understands and cares. This Heavenly Father understands the pain of seeing His own Son suffer.
All in all this was a great day! We have experienced loss of back on...wind/rain storm....causing the roof of the guest house to leak....and water not running this evening....had my shower and dishes are done...We have plenty of water to don't worry! Am living the dream, happy to be serving the Lord. Wednesday, I get to teach via a translator when my French fails me. Excuse the errors on this blog. The one finger typing is tricky:)

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