Monday, October 4, 2010

Packing and praying!

Today, the last minute shopping is complete, banking done, laundry...check! Now the fun begins, to make all the piles of clothes, toiletries, books, food stuffs etc to fit into the luggage. It can be quite 'nerve wracking' to put it all in. As I look at the items I'd like to bring......somethings will have to be left behind this trip. Ouch! Oh, well, the Lord will help me bring what is truly needed.
How grateful I am for helping hands and kind ones who encourage and pray for this rather daunting task of packing.
To make it more interesting....besides the 50 lb bag limit.....I am awaiting a piece of medical equipment that weighs 20 lbs and is a foot cubed! Fun packing times.......adjusting and readjusting tomorrow.
All of this pales in the harsh realities of the dear folk I will be serving in Niger. At least I have enough clothing, enough funds, enough reading material, enough personal hygiene least I have a Bible of my own....even a French Bible on my iPod! Oh, boy, I am so spoiled!  Thank you, Heavenly Father for blessing me.....please help me now to be a blessing to others. Counted more than 65 people who have agreed to pray for me regularly...not counting family! God is so amazing to encourage me this way. Now, I need to be an encouragement to others.
Jaja (Grandma) Maureen
 This is one of my precious babies from Mbale, Uganda. One of my favorite activities is to hold and sing to the babies. I was singing Jesus Loves Me to this little one who was the 12th born. The mother was a sweet Christian and I just loved talking with her. Am praying that the mothers in Niger will trust me to talk and sing to their babies too....hope I can remember some French songs!
Ruth and Maureen

Ruth is my sister who I look up to very much. She has such a servant's heart. I certainly would not be able to get on the plane without her help with packing. She is way more technical than she helps with all sorts of computers, cameras, iPods etc. She is also driving me to the airport.
Tomorrow will be an intense morning of packing, weighing and reweighing bags in preparation for Wednesday's departure. However, as I pack I am in an attitude of prayer for the dear disabled children CURE is reaching out to serve in the name of Jesus Christ and for His glory. It is very humbling to be called and used by the LORD in this wonderful ministry!

 One of my favorite expressions regarding my volunteering with CURE is: If I had any more fun serving the Lord, I'd need a license!

Thank you for praying!

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  1. Prayed for you this morning in my prayer journal. My GOD can read between the lines and know your every need. I listen to what you say by your requests and know that they run deeper than I can fathom. Your love for the needy comes from beyond the human and reaches into the spiritual realm. JESUS knows how to lead you by his Spirit so that you can accomplish exactly what needs to be done. You go empowered by the prayers us us who love you interpreted by the LORD JESUS.
    I sat in for Susan last night at BSF and enjoyed Ruth's answers so much. Its hard to get people to talk in a double group with a different leader. She did not talk much but said volumes.
    love and prayers charlotte