Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday in Niamey

It started out at a 'cool' temperature of 88 F inside, this morning. I prepared my morning coffee and reflected upon Psalm 123. What a great privilege to know our Lord Jesus Christ and to be able to look to Him for direction for the day's activities. As I look to the Lord and not anything else my thoughts, emotions and interactions with others will have a proper perspective. On the missionfield, it is like anywhere else....the tyranny of the urgent can rob one of peace and joy in the good works the Lord has prepared for me. I am grateful for God's plan to put us in a community of faithful ones. How we need one another for the challenges ahead. Today I went to the SIM church and felt quite at home. The songs in French were easy for me to sing. I love the African worship as it is so enthusiastic. I felt as if we were all looking to Christ alone for help, strength and renewal. What a great way to start a new week!
Afterward, we joined two dear men from the Leprosy Mission and the Nigrini family (CURE surgeon) for lunch at Amadine's. It is a French pastry shop and restaurant. I had grilled fish in case anyone is interested:) The fellowship was sweet and felt like a Sunday lunch that the Sloan brothers so frequently hosted. We were a mixed group, speaking so many different languages yet we had the common love for Christ Jesus. One of the dear Swiss brothers insisted on paying for our meal. I am so used to Paul and David treating...I was so very touched and so very grateful. Learning to receive graciously can be a challenge when one is used to being the giver.
Tomorrow, it is the Grand Opening of the CURE Children's Hospital of Niger. We are looking to the Lord our strength and guide for a day that will communicate Christ's love for the little children. May those who attend feel welcomed and excited for the healing that will change lives for eternity.

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  1. Good luck and best wishes / many blessings with the grand opening!