Saturday, July 10, 2010

Forever Friends

Last February, I had the joy of spending time at the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda.  It was pure joy to rekindle friendships and make new ones!

In this picture...

Cheryl Thompson is on the left, my new friend and sister in Christ. She is a nursing professor from York College. We loved sharing a cup of tea together and swapping nursing stories. Her loving care for her family, students and the Lord blessed my heart! FYI we nearly tried the fried ants when we went to the market together....I said nearly!

Next, is Miriam Ongom, she is the Spiritual Life Director of CCHU. It has been a joy to work alongside Miriam over the years. Her gracious gentle spirit and wisdom help to bridge the cultural gaps.  Her love for the children and caregivers is contagious! She also knows many African languages and tries to teach me some new words every time I visit. We love to share our hearts and pray together.

I am next in the explanation required!

On my right is Derek Johnson. He is a precious brother in Christ. He is a man who is wiser than his years. He has a gracious, generous and discerning spirit. Derek has the best smile around that encourages the staff, patients and caregivers. Derek and Miriam always make visitors feel so welcome.  We share enjoyment of Starbucks coffee....or any good coffee and Indian food. Cheryl and I were so blessed by the hospitality of these two dear people in February....thank you so much!

These friends are precious to me as we share the desire for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation in the lives of the children and their caregivers in Uganda....through excellent 'CURE care' including the love and power of Jesus Christ our God and Savior!

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