Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Pray-ers" and "Stayers"

Some go....Some stay....Some support....
Some are some of the ones who uphold me as I serve the Lord with CURE dear, dear husband Paul of nearly 32 years, my Mum and Pappa.  These precious family members along with many others, pray for me daily and even more often.  I can count on them to uphold the  GO Team Uganda in prayer during our preparations, mission journey and re-entry to Western culture.

My dear Paul, is a unique gift from the Lord to me and to CURE. He not only supports me but encourages me to obey the LORD in whatever He calls me to do. I know it is a huge sacrifice as we enjoy being together.  My absences leave him to cook and care for himself and Dusty the dog! I know there will be a huge reward for Paul in heaven for his quiet trust and generosity to God's work. 

Pappa is in a nursing home after several strokes and Mum visits him daily. Every time I travel, I ask the Lord to watch over them in a special way.  Pappa's health is very fragile and many can you leave?  Pappa's response would be... how can you not go?  The LORD has it all covered! I can trust the Lord with my marriage, my family, Mum and Pappa while I am away.

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