Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello everyone: We are here in Mbale Uganda. Everyone is healthy and very joyful to be at the CURE Children's Hospital. Sam has taken 220 pictures we will give you a sample or two (when we can get the cables hooked up!) The team has been working together in unity and we praise the Lord for answers to so many of your faithful prayers!

You may be wondering why today's blog is called Pearls.....well our first morning in Kampala our devotional was on James 1: 1-6.....verse two in particular reminds us to count it all joy when troubles or temptations come our way......for there are great results when we reframe our difficulties into opportunities for growth in Christ's character!
So we were not surprised when some things didn't go the way we expected...ok...nothing major, don't worry....just little things...little struggles with our schedule, getting settled....jet lag etc. Everytime something unexpected happens or frustrates one of us...we look at each other and say PEARLS!!! That is our code word to remind each other that God is going to use these challenges or irritants to make something a pearl. Most of you who know me, know that I wear a pair of pearl earrings most of the time. They are white and perfectly round. White represents the purity of Christ...His righteousness....not our own, the round sphere represents the wholeness and fullness of God's character to me...His holiness, creativity....
Each team member is a pearl to me....I feel like I am walking around, working with an exquisite strand of pearls!! Beautiful people....!!! God is working in all of our lives. You parents have done a great job!! It is such a joy!
Today, after breakfast of omelettes, grilled cheese/onion/tomato sandwiches, chicken wings, fruit, bread, juice and tea/coffee we walked to the CURE hospital. It was a pleasant and cool morning to walk. We arrived just as the staff devotions began. Worshipping the Lord is very energetic and energizing! We clapped, sang, danced, jumped all at the same time! It was so much fun to worship the same living God and Savior in a different culture, different place and even different language. And the Lord understands us all! It will be a busy time today as we prepare for Mbarara clinic 10 hour away by bus. We leave Monday.Tonight we will go to a slum called Namutella....we will have time to visit with AIDS orphans and people who have great needs. We are excited to be invited to a church supper!  No crockpot chilli dinners here! Tomorrow the team is having a tour of Sipi falls...a little hiking and sightseeing. Sunday will be a full day of worship and completion of packing for the mobile clinic in Mbarara.
Please pray that we would enjoy strong health to complete God's Work here.Pray for us to process all these experiences into godly thoughts and actions in our daily lives when we return. Thanks for all your support!
Blessings!  And Pearls!

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