Monday, July 19, 2010

What are we going to eat in Uganda?

This blog is just for fun! See my 'killer daughter Anne'.....last summer, she killed about 7 chickens and plucked them...singed them to get out the down etc. For some of you, this might be a daily task or something you did growing up on the farm. My Anne is a city girl. She is comfortable in Paris, Barcelona, London, Sydney.....but Mbale plucking chickens? Well, she loves to cook and especially loves to bake. Preparing a treat of chicken for the hospital staff was a new and exciting experience for her. As the GO Team Uganda spends a little time at the hospital, we will see new things and will have new experiences, too!  In this picture...Alex on the left is my Scrabble buddy....he beat me last time. It is so annoying as I am supposed to have a Master's degree in Science! He is very smart! Stephen on the left is one of the hospital chefs. He amazes me. He can cook anything in the roughest of conditions. I love his beans and rice! We eat beans everyday practically along with cabbage, dodo, 'sacumoweekie', or other greens. He has great talent too as a cake decorator....which is hard as most people don't have ovens in they cook on small stoves close to the ground. His specialty is wedding cake decorating. Anne is in the red skirt and Rebecca (a British medical student) is next to her. She was so much fun to have on the team last summer! (For the women on the GO Team, yes, her skirt is a little too short, especially for the mobile case you were wondering.) This picture was taken on the CURE Mbale hospital grounds.....the outside kitchen! Any one interested in Kitchen duty?

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