Friday, July 9, 2010

It's all about relationships!

Whenever I mention that I am going back to Uganda with CURE International, people ask....well what are you going to do? In response, it is easy to list a series of task, teachings or assignments the GO Team hope to complete, facilitate or work on......

Each trip to Uganda or anywhere overseas with CURE, it is all about people and relationships......which makes sense.....that's what the Lord Jesus was all about......people!

Of course, Jesus met people's needs as He went about healing and performing miracles. All these miracles were signs pointing to the Holy Spirit's power to bring that which is:

apart, broken, damaged, distant, different, estranged, sick, strained, discombobulated......

together by God's love bringing...

restoration, unity, closeness, friendship, redemption, healing, salvation and peace!!

My friend Esther is a beautiful testimony of God's faithful love and care. At one point, she was homeless and sleeping in an open-air church for shelter. She was rejected for her faith in Jesus Christ by her family.
Then the Lord brought her the opportunity to work at CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda. Esther began working as a general helper (we would call it housekeeping/janitorial work).  As she proved herself to be a loyal and faithful worker, the Lord gave her opportunity to study. Now several years later, she is an RN!  Esther always has a smile, a little bit of humor and a lot of love to give to her patients and their caregivers. She has a servant's heart always wanting to help me in some way. Esther is always there to help me out of my cultural and language difficulties....just because she loves me. 
 Even though she has endured many struggles, she is cheerful.  The Lord has provided her with her own little place and restored relationship with her family who have responded to Christ's gospel.  God's love is at work in her life.  I count it a joy and privilege that Esther and I have been special friends sisters in Christ since 2004! We are sisters.....we have the same FATHER!

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