Friday, July 23, 2010

Getting Ready-praying together-prayer is the work!

Finally, brothers (and sisters) pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored... I Timothy 3:1 NIV

Through many years of Bible Study Fellowship, the Lord taught me the importance of prayer for any work for Him. Prayer is the work. Without prayer, communication with the Lord, there is no power to serve and there is no direction to serve. Without prayer there is only human effort.  
As we pray, we acknowledge our failings, sinfulness and need of cleansing, to serve.
As we pray, we acknowledge our need of God's help, strength and plan for the work.
As we pray, we acknowledge that God is Sovereign, powerful, kind, redeeming, loving.....He is the source of Life, Salvation and unity.  God is glorified....made large when we join Him in bringing that which is diverse, lost, lonely, confused....together in unity by and for Him. 
Thank you to all my praying sisters and prayer partners!  Thank you to all the prayer partners of all the team members. You are the backbone of the GO Team! Please don't get weary of praying for the GO Team....not just for health, safety, good times.....but please pray for the salvation message to go far and wide and be received by God's grace. 

Ruth and I sisters, sisters-in-law & sisters in Christ

Diana Harris organized a sweet prayer time at her home. She is front left and Wanda is front right.
Jacqueline, Me and Bobbie-praying sisters!
Patty, Charlotte, Me, Bettye, Amy and Elaine enjoying a group pose after praying for the GO Team Uganda 2010
Praying sisters for CURE International                                                                                                                                        

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