Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little children brought to Jesus

Then little children were brought to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them.....Matthew 19:13 NIV

Everyday at CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda, caregivers are bringing their babies for medical and surgical intervention of Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida and other conditions. What dear and precious babies/children! I love having the opportunity to cuddle them and speak with the mothers and caregivers. Their minds are so full of: why my baby....why now....what am I going to do....how can I manage? Is this a curse for my sin, someone's sin? Is this a punishment?

 Everyday these dear caregivers and their little ones are brought to the Lord Jesus in prayer. These troublesome questions are listened to and answered honestly based upon scriptures. There are no pat or simple answers to suffering and disease, especially with the sweet little newborn babies. We try to communicate through the gospel story of the man born blind that their situation has the potential to honor God...His goodness, faithfulness, salvation and provision.  Even in the darkest moments there is a faint shadow of our Lord's very present help in time of trouble. The Spiritual Life staff make their 'rounds' daily to share the gospel, the love of Jesus and hope in God's provision for their situation. We pray that each one comes to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as their own Savior and Lord.
Standing in this picture is Immaculate, one of the hospital chaplains (pastors). She loves the families and children who come to CURE and communicates Christ's love and plan of salvation in several languages! Immaculate is always ready to share Bible stories and pray with each one. Can't you see the joy on her face?!
The CURE GO Team Uganda will have the opportunity to see this emotional support and spiritual care in action at the hospital. When we go to Mbarara in western Uganda, we will have the opportunity to share Bible stories and the good news gospel message so, in turn, caregivers can tell their families about Jesus who desires to transform their lives!  What a privilege!

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