Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking God's Word to the nations.....

For many, the Bible is a dust covered and neglected book on a shelf. In travels with CURE International, I have observed that the one thing people clamor for is a personal copy of the Bible. The scriptures are extremely expensive in comparison to their incomes.
To see the face of a believer who receives their own copy brings such joy!
Several years ago, I met a pastor (James M), who is a headmaster of a government addition to being headmaster of a Christian school in Mbale, Uganda. He has a vision for his church to be used as a training center for church leaders. Each year this church hosts a pastor's conference and training times to refresh, inspire and encourage church leaders in God's Word. It has been a joy and privilege to teach at these conferences. The hunger for God's Word is so refreshing.....and makes for a great attentive audience!
Last summer, this dear pastor asked me if I could give a few hours every afternoon, for a couple of weeks to train Sunday School Teachers.  So, last summer after the GO Team returned home, we held a Sunday School Teacher's conference. I would volunteer at the CURE Children's Hospital in the mornings then go for a few hours to teach in this village church.  Sunday School teachers received a notebook and pen to take notes. The participants in this training time took ownership of their training and delighted in developing songs, acting out Bible stories and classroom situations. We laughed, sang, discussed, pondered, played and prayed together during the conference. It was so delightful to see pastors so concerned about the training of the next generation in God's Word. Upon completion of our sessions, each one received a certificate and a small book outlining the themes of scripture. We had many public school teachers attending to learn classroom techniques!
What a delightful, exhausting and exhilarating time! May God and His Word be made large in these Sunday School classrooms!
  Here is a young man who clearly wanted to show his respect and enthusiasm for the USA by wearing his Obama T-shirt-----as I showed my respect and love for Uganda by wearing a traditional African dress. Pastor James sensibly wore a suit:)

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