Saturday, July 3, 2010

Travel Accessories

I knew a dear godly woman in Montreal who was a very snappy dresser. She once gave a talk on fashion accessories and making-the-most of what's already in your closet. She taught us how to tie scarves, drape shawls and match colors etc. I am afraid I have forgotten most of those details. However, the one thing that stands out is this,

Your best fashion accessory is a smile. It lights up your face. It doesn't cost anything. It makes you look 10 pounds thinner, as people are looking at your face and not your figure!

A smile!

In our travels to Uganda, a smile and a greeting is so important. It makes one feel so special to be noticed. Below is a little song that I learned in Jamaica and subsequently taught at several churches in Uganda. I plan on teaching it to our CURE GO Team so we can share it with the CURE Children's Hospital Staff and the mothers in Mbarara. Have put the explanations in brackets....

Smile a while and give your face a rest
(takes more muscles to frown!)
Raise your hands to the ONE you love the best
(Our Lord God Jesus Christ)
Then shake hands with those nearby
And greet them with a smile.......(Repeat as often as necessary!)

As you sing, move around to the actions by raising arms, shaking hands, greeting one another in Jesus' name....and of course smiling! I like to think of it as passing along the Joy of Jesus similar to some traditions sharing the Peace of Christ.

Psalm 81:1 says:

Sing for Joy to God our strength....

Smile today and tell someone why!

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  1. Great musings Maureen. It's astonishing how our brains deflect worry about one thing into obsession over another. "If I just had that right pair of shoes ... tech gadget ... mosquito repellent ... everything's going to be okay". When in reality, being present, open, and prepared in spirit (and packed!) is going to make the most difference. Love your blog! Kathryn