Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shine the Light!

Rick helping with packing of Bibles
The count-down is getting closer and closer! In yesterday's blog, I shared about the many team players who have helped the GO Team get ready.  You saw the Bible Story telling panels....what are we going to do with this huge display?  One of our team members, Kasie, is organizing our team into groups so that we can not only tell Bible stories to the caregivers...but teach them to tell the stories. It is quite a challenge with those who are illiterate. The symbols that we colored represent various aspects of God's character and specific Bible stories.  Kasie and I talked this morning and we are pumped!
Fortunately there are staff members and others who are able to read English. It is such a joy to bring Bibles that have been donated by loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Bibles are heavy! Rick is bringing his second bag almost full of Bibles and helps for the Spiritual Life Center of the CURE Children's Hospital of Uganda. We have had a few frustrating interesting moments trying to keep our bags at the 50 lb. limit. I appreciate Rick's patience and muscles as he hoists the bags on his shoulders to weigh them. Rick assembled a bunch of mini flashlights for us. I asked him to 'Shine the light' make sure they were working before we packed them.  That is what he did. In reality, 'shining the light' is what we are going to do.....Shining the light of Jesus Christ! Bringing the Light of the World, Jesus to dispel ignorance, darkness and discouragement.

For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins...Colossians 1:13,14 NIV
Rick checking out the flashlights!

All of this is so exciting!  Those of us who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, are to be reflectors of  His light. What does that mean? 
Light shows the way....Jesus is the Way John 14:6
Light dispels darkness-reveals truth...Jesus is the Truth
Light is cheerful, giving warmth, encouraging growth etc....Jesus is the Life!

The GO Team is joining the CURE staff to share the Good News with caregivers at the hospital site and Mbarara mobile clinic. We hope that we will 'shine the light' of Jesus Christ with those we leave behind, our fellow travelers and people we meet in Mbale. May we...let our light shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our heavenly Father...paraphrase of Matthew 5:16
May we shine the light of Christ's love to the hospital staff and each other too! We are growing into a team!
I can hardly wait to see Derek, the hospital Executive Director, Miriam the Spiritual Life Director, Florence the Nurse Manager and Elisha her assistant nurse manager, Juma, George, Joseph, Nelson, Collins, Katherine, Justin, Rachel, Rose, Esther, Corrett, Angela, Alex, Stephen x2, Nathan x2, David, John, Simon Peter, Immaculate, Moses x 3, Zephaniah, Sebby, Bonney, Annette, Angela, Helen, Bernard, Dorcus, Mary, Martha, Regina, Monica, Fred, Elizabeth (Betty), Peter Paul, Jonathan, and dear Yocolum.....and so many others.
Do I sound excited? Hope so!

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