Friday, July 23, 2010

Team Work

Many have been working on details for the GO Team Uganda for months! The actual going is a small part of what God is doing and going to do.......we the 'goers' have the privilege of having front row seats this summer to see what God is doing through CURE International in Uganda. So many of you who are reading this blog have prayed, supported financially, donated supplies, cut fabric, packed craft kits, painted Bible story panels, weighed luggage, organized tickets, managed logistics of team travels and accommodations.....the list is endless! Before I go, I want to publicly say a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for your help, prayers and interest in this aspect of God's workings around the world through CURE.
Sustainable craft kits....130?
Joann making kits--122...123...124?
Organizing supplies is a time consuming aspect of preparation. My sister Ruth and friends Ramona and Joann gave hours of loving service to the Lord for the sustainable craft. Mandi and Anna each made a sample bag ahead of time.....I cannot wait to see their finished products. The GO Team will have apart in training women in Uganda to have a skill that may lead to a small business and increased self esteem. Many women are blamed personally for bearing a child who has a disability! May this craft be a means of bringing some joy to their very difficult lives.

Another aspect of the GO Team's ministry in Mbarara Mobile clinic will be Bible Story telling. We want to help the women, especially those who are illiterate to know God and His Word through story telling. Team member Rick along with my daughter Anne, niece Rebecca and friends Shanna and Chris came to dinner on Wednesday evening. After we ate, under the expertise and direction of Shanna, we painted with fabric markers Bible Story panels. These panels are pictures that represent an aspect of the Bible's message.....through images. It has been said that 'God has set His truth in picture frames of life'.......Bible characters and events reveal the truth about God, His character, His standards, His ways and His workings. It is through Bible stories to the caregivers that we can explain salvation through Jesus Christ.

Anne, Chris, Shanna, Rebecca and Rick painting Bible story panels
 Thanks to all the team players whether they are going or are a part of God's work in Uganda. May you be blessed for your using your talents and plain willingness to do anything to help prepare the GO Team Uganda. Thank you again and again!

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